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From: A.K.
Subject: "A Fairy Tale?" 05/14 (College)----------------------------A FAIRY TALE?
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2006
written the 7th of March, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised
by Vicent-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"A FAIRY TALE?" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic
scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family,
opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to
read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or
because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed
guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 5 - All that glitters is not gold...For a few days, besides the usual little games of looking, provoking
erections, watching stolen scenes again and again, nothing new happened.
Martino was starting to feel somewhat frustrated.Then one day, while waiting in line at the barber's shop, he was
"looking" at Sergio, one of the young assistants, a young man about
twenty-eight years old. He noticed that the man was getting a strong
erection and not from his secret "caresses". Martino liked looking at
Sergio naked. He had a body that although not truly beautiful was really
sexy. Martino had "seen" him several times before, but this was the
first time he saw him aroused. His member, below average in size, was
growing, growing, slowly but relentlessly growing, and soon had doubled
in size, becoming something worth appreciation.Martino had noticed that usually members that were smaller at rest,
greatly increased in size when they became hard, while the ones that
were larger at rest normally became erect with little or no increase in
size. Sergio's member was now firm and palpitating, and peremptorily
pressed against its fabric prison. Now aroused himself, Martino thought
that he would like to have it in his hand, to feel its gallant solidity
with his lips. He had not yet sucked a dick, not yet savored the taste,
but he would have liked trying it with this one...Sergio finished with his client and went to the shop owner to say that
he had to go to the toilet. The boss nodded and Sergio disappeared into
the back shop, but not for Martino, who was following him with his
"vision". He thus saw him open a locker, take his bag, and shut himself
inside the toilet stall. He saw him sitting on the toilet 12 14 yrs lolita bowl, his
trousers lowered. The beautiful member, now free, was stiff and aimed
slightly upward, proud and cheeky between the spread thighs. The young
man opened his bag, took out a magazine and started to masturbate fast
and with energy. When Martino "saw" that the magazine was full of
pictures of naked males, felt excited. So Sergio, the pleasant Sergio,
was gay! But then possibly...When the young man came back, self-possessed and calm as always, and
asked who was the next customer, Martino stood up and went to lil lole model sites
lolitas bbs bambi model sit in
Sergio's chair. Another client started to protest, but just then another
chair became free and he went there without complaining, though he did
throw Martino an annoyed glance.While Sergio was moving around lolitas bbs bambi model him to cut his hair, the boy began to
brush against the barber's fly with his elbow, or with the back of the
hand that rested on the arm of the chair, in a discreet and apparently
casual way. If somebody else looked his way, they would notice nothing,
but the young barber had no doubt that these maneuvers were intentional.
In fact, he looked Martino in the eye while he brushed away the excess
hair, and he lightly pushed his hips forward, smiling to make him
understand that he had caught the message. Otherwise, he continued to
cut the boy's hair as if nothing had happened.Their touching and brushing continued. In spite of the fact that he had
just cum in the toilet, Sergio's member gradually became hard again. The
discreet signals between the two had been exchanged. As Martino rose
from the chair, Sergio helped him with his jacket and whispered into his
ear, "Meet me at the cafe."Martino just nodded with a faint smile.While Martino was paying the boss, Sergio said aloud: "Anybody wants
something great lolita bbs elwebbs from the cafe? One... two coffees, a cappuccino... three
coffees... Good, I'll go and come back in a flash." and went out.Martino took his change, left a tip, and hurried out after the young
barber.Sergio welcomed him in the cafe with a smile. "When can we meet?" he
asked immediately, with a cunning and www top 100 lolitas lusty glance."Whenever you want", Martino answered, happy and excited."I'm busy today, but how about tomorrow evening at a quarter to eight?""Nine would be better for me.""Nine, then. Do you have a place?"Martino thought back to the park, then to the fishermen's hut near the
river. "Yes", he answered."Where can we meet?""Here at the cafe?""By nine o'clock it will be closed already. But we can meet here in
front, that will be fine. Don't be late. It'll be fun, you'll see."Martino was happy - Sergio was sexy, gay, and wanted to do it with him.
He was impatient to meet him again. The following evening he told his
father that he had to take some notes to a university friend. Secretly
he also took the flashlight and went out. On his motorbike, he reached
the cafe at ten minutes before nine. Sergio was waiting for him."Did you wait long?""No, just arrived. Where are we going?""Jump on, it's not very far."Sergio sat down in back and circled his arms around Martino's waist to
keep his balance. Martino liked that kind of embrace. He started the
bike and moved out into the street. As soon as they left the town behind
and started down the national road, where there were no lights and the
traffic was sparse, Sergio lowered a hand between Martino's legs and
began to fondle him. He leaned more tightly against Martino's back so
the driver could feel the strong erection pressing against his ass.
Martino shuddered, anticipating what was in wait for them. Finally they
reached the spot. Martino chained his motorbike to a lamp post and set
out towards the river. His companion followed him into the tall bushes.
They reached the wooden hut and shut themselves inside."Leave the flashlight on", Sergio said."All right.""I want to see what you look like naked."Martino became more excited as they undressed. At their first touch, his
penis rose to its full height. Sergio's eyes traveled all over his
companion's body, and his eyes glowed with lust. "You may be young, but
you already have a good body, strong, the way I like it. Do you work
out?" he asked as he caressed Martino's muscles with real admiration."Yes", Martino answered, but his eyes were fixed on his companion's
awakening penis. He watched with pleasure and admiration as it rapidly
grew, jutting proudly out from the young man's pubic bush.Sergio bent down, pulled the belt from his trousers and handed it to
Martino. "Go ahead", he said with a smile, "whip me! Make me feel who
the master is here. Force me to do anything and everything you want!"Martino looked at him astounded: "But... don't you want it too?" he
asked, baffled."Of course I do. But I enjoy being a slave. I want to be your slave. I
want a determined, harsh, cruel master. I enjoy being punished. Whip me,
go ahead! Punish me because I touched your body without your
permission." His erection seemed to grow even more as he continued to
insist. "Whip me, show me no mercy!" he repeated again with hoarse and
provocative voice."No. I don't like that. I want to make love, not to hurt you. I want to
enjoy it with you.""I'll make you enjoy it, don't worry. I'll drive you crazy with
pleasure, I promise. But you have to whip me. You have to order your
slave to do everything to please his master. Whip me!"Martino shook his head and his erection rapidly vanished. When Sergio
saw that, he knew there was nothing that could be done for it. But he
was annoyed. "Did you bring me here just to ... You don't by any chance
like being a slave too, do you?" he added with a frown."A slave? Me? No, but we can. . .""Will you whip me or not?""No", Martino answered, a note of pleading in his voice."Then, take me back. Let's go." Sergio said almost in anger."But why?" Martino implored."Have you never heard of S&M? Sadomasochistic sex? I like my sex that
way. I hate all this fucking girlish sweetness and this romance shit. I
want a master, somebody who knows what he wants, somebody who will force
me to do whatever he wants. I want 12 14 yrs lolita
a real man. I want to be used and
abused. I want to feel pain, I want to be my master's sex toy!""No, I wouldn't like that all.""Then go fuck yourself! Let's get dressed and you take me back."So back they went, without having sex."No hard feelings", Sergio said when they parted, but he was clearly
annoyed.That night back at home, Martino was not even in the mood to masturbate,
because Sergio's demands bothered him so much. He abhorred physical
violence, any kind of violence, even if the other person was asking for
it. He would never have imagined that there could be people who would
like that, and he would never be able to do it himself. How could
someone enjoy pain, even desire it? And how could anyone enjoy
inflicting pain on someone else? Anyway, even if it were possible, even
if there were people who liked it, he could never want it himself. He
could not accept it.Martino fell asleep, still troubled and asking himself why he had to be
so unlucky. Was it possible that he would never find someone like
himself, someone who simply wanted to make love, someone like those two
boys in the hut, who loved each other and united with spontaneous
passion?-----------------------------CONTINUES IN CHAPTER 6-----------------------------In my home page I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back free video nude lolita (really appreciated, be it positive or
negative), please e-mail

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